Saturday, September 27, 2008

My favorite pencil is the one I found near an old abandoned school building last year. I think about the words it helped to write on a tablet of paper or the math problems solved . This same pencil was probably dropped because of recess, or going home and has been waiting there near the sidewalk for years. I picked it up and studied the teeth marks at the end where once there was an eraser and feel something much deeper. I took it home and drew the face of someone I had never met. Maybe this is the boy who lost the pencil, or maybe he is the one who never got the letter meant to be written, were it not for a lost pencil


This picture of a friend was painted on the bottom press board of a dresser drawer. The piece of furniture had completely fallen apart and so I salvaged what I could to remember my friend's homelessness. He never had a permanent place to put his things and so he lives on the remnant of a bureau drawer.

From thin air

I stare at the blank canvas and a face
comes to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An old plug

Time travel

I like to repair antique watches and sketch the timepiece while working.

I sketch the timepiece while I am working.