Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Pears

This was a gift to my wife for Christmas. The hardest part of the adventure was switching out a different canvas when she walked into the kitchen where I was painting; trying to make her think I was working on something else. She almost caught me once.

I have been avoiding a strong palette these days, and so I had to constantly ask my daughter for advice on the color. To me, the pears look like they were rubbed with pastels and set on a plate. Nothing blends in or fits together. Of course, I can always say my paintings are intentionally impressionistic, but then I would be lying. I think I make the fundamental error of most people who are color blind, by asking for help in seeing, because I am asking for information I can't possibly use. How can I really know what red is, if I have never known red?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Edible Paintings: Tomato

I found this in the attic, a painting I had done twenty years ago. I still love tomatoes.

"old pencil " drawings

Drawing by Ken Morford

Thrown Away

Lately, I have been drawing on paper that someone tossed away, and using what's left of pencils made fifty years ago. I am thinking in my mind, there are faces left in the remnants on that tablet, and something left unsaid in those old discarded pencils. Who are these faces, and what are they trying to say to me? I will listen.
Drawing on Old Paper by Ken Morford